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The perfect shoe for Nurse's and the medical field

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Active Series

  • Women's models 3115, 3117, 3215, 3216 & 3217


Ventor Series

  • Women's models 3125 & 3225


Euro Series

  • Women's 3127, 3218, 3227, 3228 & 3230
  • Men's models 3327 & 3427

Remedy occupational footwear (a product of ROCKYŽ Shoes and Boots) is designed for people who spend long hours on their feet at work. These shoes are designed with the needs of healthcare professionals in mind. From surgeons to receptionists, anyone in the healthcare field or who works in a similar setting can benefit from Remedy footwear. With comfort and safety in mind, Remedy shoes are ideal for busy environments. Features such as slip-resistant outsoles, built-in air vents and cushioned EVA midsoles combine to create the ideal shoe for people in or around healthcare, who have precisely those needs.

According to the International Labour Organization, slips and falls on wet floors is a leading accidental hazard for nurse professionals. In fact, an independent survey has identified wet floor surfaces to be responsible for over 80% of annual falls. These statistics make foot traction an important issue for all healthcare workers.

Working long hours on your feet can be painful without the correct footwear. Remedy shoes are designed for spending time on your feet. The EVA midsole and dual-density polyurethane footbed provide superior cushion for all day activity.


  • Slip-resistant rubber compound outsole on all Remedy Shoes is slip resistant on all surfaces, wet and dry.
  • EVA midsole, a cushioning material that is lightweight and flexible, is found in all Remedy footwear. This material along with a rubber outsole is commonly found in cross-training and running shoes/sneakers.
  • The Ventor dual-circulatory outsole is composed of the EVA midsole, and slip-resistant rubber compound. This outsole has two air vents in the lower shank for breathability through the outsole and perforated footbed. Available in the Ventor style.
  • Dual-density polyurethane footbed is a cushioning footbed that adds extra foot padding and is available in all Remedy footwear.

Other important facts:

  • Remedy Shoes is a division of ROCKY Shoes and Boots, a leading manufacturer of occupational Uniform and Duty footwear for Police, postal, EMS, security and food service professionals.
  • All Remedy Shoes should be worn with socks made of synthetic fibers such as acrylic or wool-blends. These materials will help to wick moisture away from the foot and help prevent blisters and make the day more pleasant. Remedy Shoes are NOT intended to be worn with cotton socks because cotton will hold moisture next to the foot and more readily lead to blistering of the skin.

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